Ask about our interior painting service in Frankenmuth, MI

Freshen Up Your Space With a New Coat of Paint

Painting is a fun activity if you're painting on a canvas or artboard. However, painting the inside of your home can be hard work. Don't spend days covered in paint waiting for the coats to dry-instead, hire LDC Construction to get the job done in half the time.

We offer thorough interior painting services and don't just focus on applying paint to your walls. We'll make sure every wall, door and piece of trim is smooth before putting on the primer. Our team pays attention to the tiny details to leave you with a beautiful and freshly painted home in Frankenmuth, MI. Hire our team to tackle your project today.

We prepare every surface before we paint

Applying new paint to the spaces in your house can make a big difference. Lighter paints can make your interior feel larger and more open. Before we paint, we can help you choose the ideal color for every surface or room. After you pick the colors you like, we will:

  • Sand down and prime the trim to create a smooth surface
  • Clean your crown molding and baseboards
  • Apply Bondo Wood Filler to repair any dents or imperfections
  • Apply your new paint to every surface

Our interior painting services always include trim painting. That way, there are no missed spots or mismatched colors in your home. Your home will look flawless once we're finished. Call 989-262-9237 now to schedule an interior wall or trim painting appointment.